Barbecue King City

Barbecue King City is one of those hidden gems in Chinatown that specializes in what else but roasted and barbequed meats. I never realized one of my buddy’s parents run this place and never been. Blasphamy. Needed to change that ASAP so I went solo one Friday afternoon to grab a late lunch.

Located right beside 97 Hot Pot and near rival Super BBQ Delight (no idea if they’re actually rivals but it sounds sexy), you probably will drive/walk right by it. Maybe not though because I’ve seen quite a few cops drop in for lunch and you know what they say about cops…they know all the good lunch spots!

Hours are interesting as they’re closed Thursday but open every other day (11am to 7pm). They have all the different types of meats (steamed, salted and roasted chicken along with pork, duck and squid) and noodles for sale. Everything is priced by the pound (around the $7-9/lb price range).

Two item lunch box ($7.00)
Yeah, you read that right. $7.00 freaking dollars for a massive lunch box filled with your choice of two meats, rice and bok choy. Yeah, you even read that last part right – you get vegetables! Almost unheard of right? Anyways, I went with the classics – char siu (BBQ pork) and siu app (roasted duck). The char sui was moist and juicy while the roasted duck was tender and had a good fat (aka. duck skin) to meat ratio. The box is basically exploding with meat and rice but I was able to finish it all. Oops.

Cash only. Seriously, for the price, you can’t go wrong (if you’re that hurtin’, get the one meat combo for $6.00). Great spot if you want something quick and tasty to eat. So much better than CFL, just sayin’.

Barbecue King City
10606 – 97 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 428-2211

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