Cornerstone Music Cafe

My friend K is obsessed with hot chocolate. Obsessed and picky. She stumbled upon a best place to grab a hot chocolate list (there’s even an annual Calgary Hot Chocolate Festival in February that looks worthy of checking out) and Cornerstone’s mayan cocoa made the cut as the best. Obviously, we had to check it out and see if it would live up to the hype.

We came on a slightly dreary Saturday afternoon, excited to warm up and try out their drinks. The place is quaint and has a nostalgic vibe, bringing me back to my piano lesson days. Cool that there’s a couple rooms in the back to take piano and drum lessons! They even have a little arcade game and some terrible board game to entertain you while you wait (Monopoly, backgammon, etc.).

The cafe itself is small with only a couple tables (room for maybe 20 people) and has both drinks and food on the menu. The food itself didn’t look that appealing (they had some out on display but reviews are favourable) but we were there to try the drinks. The selection is small wit a couple types of coffee, chai latte and hot cocoa.

Hot mayan cocoa ($4.50) and chai tea latte ($4.25)
K ordered the hot mayan cocoa as she’s been obessing over this type of drink ever since I ordered it in Vancouver at Schokolade Cafe. Life changing (apparently). Cornerstone’s version is cocoa so if you’re a hot chocolate purist, this may not live up to your standards. She ended up having to order a 12 oz (options of 8 oz, 12 oz or 16 oz ) as the barista only had enough mixture left to make that amount.

In a nutshell, it was okay but we were expecting/hoping for more given that they had one the best hot chocolate award in 2014. To be different, I decided to try out their chai tea latte, which I believe they siphoned. It smelled great but taste wise, it didn’t taste anything like a chai latte. I kept on drinking hoping the flavour would blend together but nada. At least the cups were cute?

Cool that they have live music on Friday evenings (7pm) and Saturday afternoons (3:30pm). Check out their website if you’re planning to stop by for music as it’s not every week. Wish there had been some music playing while we were there but guess Halloween isn’t the best day to go! I like the concept but their drinks definitely need improvement for me to want to come back again.

Cornerstone Music Cafe
#139, 14919 Deer Ridge Drive SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 278-3070

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