Ikki Izakaya

Oh Ikki, I had such high hopes and anticipation for you. Another Japanese izakaya opening up in town is a blessing in disguise right? Well, high expectations was mistake numero uno. We decided to check out Ikki Izakaya for their grand opening (mistake numero deux).

The place was absolutely packed with people (aka. Asians galore) when we arrived Saturday evening. Our reservation was for 9pm and luckily, we were able to snag chairs at the bar because no one was leaving and people were swarming the door. Apparently my two friends got dirty looks when they walked in. Haha, that’s what happens when you show up late(ish).

Well, it didn’t get any better. None of the waitresses seemed to want to take our order. We eventually were able to flag one down. Then proceeded to wait over an hour to get food. I get that it was their grand opening but come on, the food they were bringing out wasn’t even that intense to put out.

Sake sampler ($10.00)
Three kinds of sake. My friend M ordered the sampler to try. The sake was actually pretty interesting to try. The only thing was my friend had to ask about it a couple times because they forgot about it…even though we were at the bar. Yikes.

2x Grand opening special ($28.00)
We ordered two of their specials which had a hot dish sampler, cold dish sample and sushi. The corn croquette was bland, takoyaki dry, wings chewy and chicken skewer cold. From the cold dish, the tako wasabi was better but the hiyayakko (tofu with bonito flakes and green onions) had an odd texture. Mushy, not a good combo. The veggie bite was the worst – cucumber with miso paste on top and a daikon radish on a skewer? Just baaaaaaaaad. Let’s not even talk about the sushi – rice was poorly made, texture was gross (tasted like sushi you get from a grocery store) and no flavour to speak of.

Beef tataki ($12.75)
Thinly sliced mid-rare beef w/ citrus ponzu sauce. This is what one of my buddies, who came earlier, recommended. Easily the best dish of the night but the portion is small. The ponzu sauce was tasty.

Spicy chicken wings ($7.80)
Chicken wings with honey sriracha sauce. Honestly, this wasn’t spicy at all. Not even worth ordering.

Okay, this review is long enough. You get the picture. Hope they can work out the kinks and get it together. I wouldn’t order food here but maybe come here for a drink and sake. Not what I think of when I think of izakaya’s. Izakaya Tomo is hands down the spot in town if you want real izakaya food!

Ikki Izakaya
11931 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 454-4230

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