Beamer’s Coffee Bar

We were looking for a place to grab some hot chocolate after an intense day of hiking. Hey, hiking in snow in September definitely falls under intense in my books. Well, my friend K is super picky about some things and hot chocolate is one of them. She’ll only drink good quality ones, who knows, she was rambling on about something and I tuned out. Well, after first checking out The Good Earth’s (not up to her hot chocolate standards), we hit up Beamer’s Coffee Bar and lucky we did because it was right on da money.


We came Saturday afternoon and the place was pretty busy. The place is small but quaint. It has a very homey, neighbourhood coffee shop feel to it. I loved how their was one table booth smack dab in the middle of things. The baristas were all friendly and patient, we even witnessed one trying to make pleasant conversation with an old man who was having none of it. At least she tried? Anyways, we dropped in for drinks only but there sandwiches looked and sounded delicious. Next time foo show!

Hot chocolate ($3.30 medium) and day old muffin ($1.00)
DSC04869The hot chocolate was delicious. Perfect for warming yourself up on a chilly day. The day old muffin was surprisingly good! Hey, you can’t really go wrong for $1.00 freaking dollar. The one I grabbed was a sour cherry bran muffin. Quite dense for a muffin but very hearty.

Cool spot in town to grab a quick drink or bite to eat. Or as they put it “lite snacks”! Next time, sandwiches are happening.

Beamer’s Coffee Bar
#120, 737 – 7th Ave
Canmore, AB
(403) 609-0111

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