Dream Tea House

Dream Tea House has FOUR locations now? Seriously, whyyyyyyyy. Located in the sadly departed digs of Bistro Saison (RIP you rare French bistro), they’ve done some renovations but randomly kept the Eiffel tower mirage. I was wondering why there was French inspired design on the walls but don’t worry, it all makes sense now.

Dream Tea

The inside is pretty spacious compared to most bubble tea places in town. Quite modern and clean looking with a few booths and tables set up. I should probably confess that I’ve never been a big fan of Dream Tea even though they’ve been around for years. Mediocre and overrated in my books. But after going out for dinner with the ‘ol squash team, we got screwed trying to go to Dessert Island (their hours aren’t the best – queue sad face) so we weren’t left with many alternatives for a late night hang out.

Dream Tea2
The Oliver Square location has a hugeeeeeee menu. But seriously, what’s with the prices? It’s almost $7 for a fresh fruit bubble tea. That’s just absurd.

2x Dream, mango tango, red bean and cap tea ($5.25 each)
Dream Tea3
Two buds went with the Dream (taro mixed with coconut) which comes with tapioca and lychee jelly. I went with the mango tango (mango and pineapple) and subbed for grass jelly. Red bean is pretty straightforward and cap tea is a new item on their menu (dare I say copying Gama Café). My bubble tea was pretty meh. Like I said, it’s pretty sad that there’s no one in town that can make a quality BBT. Business opportunity?!

Taiwanese chicken bento box ($10.99)
Dream Tea4Came with rice, salad, Taiwanese chicken, and yam fries. The chicken was lightly seasoned and surprisingly done well. Salad was as my friend put it, a bunch of lettuce pieces. Pretty sad effort there. Yam fries were okay but could have used more time in the deep fryer. But hey, who comes for real food at a bubble tea shop? Grab as a snack.

Honestly, quality bubble tea just doesn’t exist in Edmonton. Do yourself a favour and skip out on Dream Tea’s. So meh.

Dream Tea House
11242 – 104 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 425-8966

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