Thai Valley Grill

Thai Valley Grill is one of those typical, unassuming Edmonton restaurants scattered in random spots over the city. From the outside, it’s quite unassuming and unnoticeable as the shades block everything from view. If you’re looking for it, it’s located in a tiny strip mall beside the Whitemud Crossing EPL branch, Pho Anh Vietnamese Cuisine and Yokozuna is right around the corner.

We decided to check out TVG for dinner on a Saturday evening. The place was surprisingly busy but we made a reservation for 7 people so we were good to go. The place is family run and all of the staff are very sweet, patient and friendly. I think it’s a culture thing as it brought me back to my time of traveling in Thailand and encountering so many genuinely friendly people.

The menu has lots of options to choose from (around 60 choices) but I found their dishes to be much more pricier than other Thai restaurants in town. For example, the curries range from $17 to $20 each so something to be aware of if you’re saving dem dollah bills. It’s not like they’re the only Thai place on the south side either – heck, Thai Orchid is only a couple streets away.

Thai iced tea ($3.75)
Refreshing and light, I don’t think you can ever go wrong with ordering a thai iced tea to start your meal off.

2x Peak gai tod (#4) ($12.95)
Deep fried Thai style chicken wings with crispy basil, kaffir lime leaves sauté in a sweet and sour chili sauce. These had a nice crunchy exterior and came out piping hot. Don’t burn your tongue!

Tom kha factong (#9) ($11.95 large)
Thai coconut pumpkin soup. Creamy coconut soup with kabosha squash, lemongrass, and kaffir lime leaves. I think this is the first time I’ve tried pumpkin in a Thai dish. It was interesting to try but I can’t say I was the biggest fan.

Geang ped supparodt with chicken (#22) ($17.95)
Red curry pineapple in coconut cream with pineapple chunks, red and green sweet peppers. We found this curry to be a bit too sweet for our liking.

Pad thai with tofu (#41) ($15.95)
Stir-fried rice noodle in a tamarind sauce with egg, tofu, bean sprout, scallion, topped with peanut and cilantro. The paid thai was decent but nothing pops into my mind that sets it apart from others in town. It was a good portion though.

Pud kee maow with seafood (#45) ($17.95)
Stir-fried thick fresh noodles (aka. spicy drunken noodle) with spicy basil sauce, broccoli, red and green pepper, onion and scallion. Again, another big portion and I was actually impressed by the amount of seafood given. Didn’t find the dish very spicy though.

Plaa (#48) ($19.95)
A whole fish and you choose the accompanying sauce you want to go with it. We opted for the sweet and sour sauce. The fish was tender and had a good amount of onion, red/yellow peppers and a couple other vegetables scattered over top. A nice change from our typical Thai dishes that we order.

Coconut rice (#55) ($6.95 large) – fluffy, delicious coconut rice. A large order was a good enough portion for all of us.

Overall, we enjoyed our meal but we found most of the dishes to be overly sweet for our taste buds. Truthfully, with the higher price point and solid ratings, I was expecting more. It’s in no ways bad but it’s not on my must go back to eat again list. Thai Valley Grill falls somewhere in the middle of the pack.

Thai Valley Grill
#149, 4211 – 106 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 413-9556

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