Peters’ Drive In

Peter’s Drive In (or more commonly known as Pete’s) is a staple institution in Calgary. Every time that I drive by, the place is slammed with people waiting patiently in their cars and outside in line to get their hands on a burger, fries or their infamous milkshakes. Their newest location recently opened in Gasoline Alley so we decided to check them out for lunch on a Friday.

The lineup inside snaked around the doors but it was moving at a reasonable pace. For the most part, their ordering system is pretty efficient but they need some help organizing themselves. There must have been over 20 people working but only one worker was manning the fryer while 5 people waited for him to do everything for the fries and onion rings. Poor guy, he was hustling too.

The menu is concise – burgers, fries, onion rings, milkshakes (over 4,500 flavour combinations!), and desserts.

3x Cheeseburger ($4.50)All their burgers come with an extra half patty. I never knew that! I haven’t had a burger in who knows how long (years) but this one hit the spot. Simple but well executed. The sauce was tasty and I really liked the bun it came with. The texture was soft and chewy. Toppings include Peter’s sauce, mustard, relish and onion. Apparently, you can get lettuce, tomato and fried onion if you request it (not sure if it’ll cost extra moola). All I know is I could have used some vegetables in my life.

Onion rings ($4.50), blueberry mango and chocolate caramel milkshake ($4.95)The onion rings were hot, crunchy and crispy. You could tell they came right out of the deep fryer. They messed up our order as we also ordered small fries ($4.00) but those were hot and fresh too. I preferred the onion rings and we easily could have skipped out on the extra order of fries. We definitely overdosed in fried gluttony.

As for the milkshakes, you already know about them. You can mix up to three flavours together but we decided to keep it simple. For myself, blueberry with mango and for my bud, chocolate and caramel. They are thick so wait for them to melt a bit unless you enjoy working on your sucking skills 😉

A worthy stop on your way to Calgary.

Peters’ Drive In
131 Leva Avenue
Red Deer, Alberta
(403) 356-5803

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