80 Flavours Ice Cream

Woooo, finally a place on the west end where you can get ice cream! Okay okay, technically, you can go to Pa Peterson’s but if I’m heading that way, I’m going to spend my money on Cô Dô Hue. Recently opened, this is 80 Flavours second location (their original location is on the south side at 4025 Gateway Boulevard). The exact location is 159 Street and 87 Avenue on the south west corner of the street. You can’t miss the massive trailer. Perfect spot to grab some ice cream after shopping at Meadowlark Mall or if you’ve been to the Jasper Place EPL branch.

80 Flavours

I was craving ice cream after eating dinner out on Whyte so I decided to hit up 80 Flavours on the way home. There’s a small parking lot and a few benches scattered around the area but most people found a nice grassy spot on the ground to enjoy their ice creams. I made it there by 9pm and was surprised to see there was a lineup of about 10 people. Lo and behold, I bumped into a buddy of mine who just happened to show up at the same time for some late night ‘cream. Small world brah. There’s only one bro working the counter but he was quick. We even watched him serve a family of four around 9:30pm when he was closing down and cleaning up. Nice guy.

80 Flavours2

The menu is broken into ice cream, no sugar added ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet and sherbet. They were out of a couple flavours when my buddy ordered which is probably frustrating for people that want to try all 80 flavours. Let’s just say he’s a 80 Flavours connoisseur. $4.00 for a single and $6.00 for a double, which is pretty standard fare.


Rocky raspberry with Saskatoon berry and hokey pokey with caramel coconut blondie ($6.00)
80 Flavours3I went with the rocky raspberry and Saskatoon berry combo while A-town went with a hokey pokey and caramel coconut blondie combo. Mine was light, fruity and refreshing which was just what I wanted. Hit the spot. I didn’t try my bud’s but he couldn’t figure out what hokey pokey was supposed to be. He still devoured it.

Trip #2

Crispy peanut butter crunch ($4.00) and raspberry ripple with butter pecan ($6.00)
80 Flavours4Second time hitting up 80 Flavours. My friend opted for only one flavour, the crispy peanut butter crunch. It had a couple good chunks in it but our server scooped some ice chunks in it. That’s a no no. Hopefully, that’s just a one off. I went with the raspberry ripple and butter pecan. The pecan was the winner of the two. Smooth, flavourful without being too sweet.

Excellent après dinner spot to grab dessert. Bring yo date or whomever. We’ll see how long they stick around for but don’t miss out on grabbing some ice cream while it’s summer time. Don’t forget, cash only!

80 Flavours Ice Cream
8620 – 159 Street
Edmonton, AB

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