My Favorite Ice Cream Shoppe

My Favorite Ice Cream Shoppe is one of those places that takes you back to the nostalgic, good ‘ol days. With 72 flavours of ice cream (not including gelato), there’s something for everyone at this old school ice cream shoppe. Heck, they’ve been open since 1981 (that’s almost 35 years!) and with another location, sounds like they’re doing well for themselves.

We came on a Saturday afternoon but it wasn’t busy at all. Probably because it was lightly drizzling outside but ice cream/gelato on a rainy day is never a bad idea. Ever. Make sure to order at the counter first and then you can pick which flavour(s) you want. Definitely try a few samples before you finalize your selection because there are so many choices!

Prices are pretty typical. $3.75 for a single, $4.75 for a split, $6.25 for a double and $7.75 for a triple if you’re feeling craaaaaaay. $1.00 extra for a waffle cone but you gotta get that. Obviously.

Pistachio almond perfection ($3.75)
A nice healthy scoop of perfection. Haha, sorry that was lame. There was actual real bits of pistachio in it. Yummmmm.

Peach sorbet ($3.75)
My friend went with the peach sorbet. I had a taste and the sorbet was light and refreshing. She devoured it but that always happens whenever we go for ice cream. A good tradition.

Passion fruit sorbet ($3.75)
I had a quick taste and the passion fruit was subtle but maybe I just love passion fruit too much and wanted more.

Cool little spot to grab an ice cream, yogurt, sherbet or sorbet. Definitely happy with my pick but will be back to try another of their 72 flavours! Perfect after lunch/dinner date.

My Favorite Ice Cream Shoppe
2048 – 42 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 287-3838

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