Sushi Park

Wow, St. Albert is starting to pile up on the Japanese restaurants. With Yuzen and Ohana-Ya nearby, Sushi Park is the newest kid to enter the playing field. The more options, the merrier!

Bbop and I decided to check them out for lunch on a Wednesday afternoon. The weather was hot so we decided to kick back and enjoy the patio outside. The inside is brand new (the washroom’s still smell of fresh paint) but everything looks warm and inviting. I really liked their two-table patio – watch cars cruise on by along St. Anne’s street. The servers and sushi chefs are all friendly and greet their hello’s when you enter. Service is good but they had a bit of trouble with their English.

Miso soup
Complimentary bowl of miso soup. Standard but always a nice way to start your meal.

Deluxe sashimi ($32.00)
We actually ordered the assorted sashimi ($17.00 for 10 pieces) but they mixed things up with our other order. All good, more sashimi (20 pieces) is always a good thing in my books. The sashimi (from top left clockwise) was salmon, sockeye salmon, tuna, amaebi (sweet shrimp), tai (red snapper) and tako. We were both extremely impressed by the quality of everything. The tako was the best Bbop’s ever had. The amaebi had a hint of sweetness to it that was just perfect. These are waaaaaaaaaaaay better than regular ebi. I’m converted. They also had a couple of deep fried shrimp heads to eat and suck the insides of.

Assorted sushi ($18.00)
California rolls (8 pieces) and 7 pieces of chef choice sushi. They gave us 3 extra pieces of sushi which was awesome. Apparently, they’ve been giving out a few freebies to people, which is a great way to get customers to come back. Heck, my one friend has been there four or five times in the past two weeks.

The assortment of nigiri was awesome. Totally wasn’t expecting the variety and quality to be this good. From bottom left going clockwise, they gave us two chopped scallops, hokkigai (surf clam), tako, unagi, salmon, tuna, tai, smoked salmon and ika (squid). The ika had the most interesting texture – a bit creamy with a weird yet somewhat pleasant texture to it. The chopped scallop was fantastic. Happy they gave us two of those to try!

Overall, we were both pretty impressed with what Sushi Park is bringing to the table. Pretty good sushi quality for Edmonton standards. Just wish they had a lunch menu/specials and I’d be here all the time!

Sushi Park
9 St. Anne Street
St. Albert, AB
(780) 418-1335

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