Raj Palace

Raj Palace specializes in South Indian cuisine. With three locations in Calgary, you have your pick of the litter.

We decided to grab a late Saturday afternoon snack/lunch and stuck with what they’re best known for, which according to our Indian friend is their southern fare.

Masala uttapam ($9.95)
Thicker soft dosa topped with special spiced mix masala and mildly garnished. Served with sides of chutney and sambar. My buddy described it as being an Indian style pizza. It was my first time trying an uttapam and it was quite enjoyable. Very light and surprisingly filling. It reminded me of an omelette. Definitely give it a try if you’ve never had it.

3x Ghee masala dosa ($9.95)
Lentil and rice crepe made in clarified butter and stuffed with potato masala. Served with the same sides of chutney and sambar. My friends originally wanted the onion rava masala dosa but they were out of it already or apparently never have it on weekends because it’s too time consuming to make. Quoi? Never make sense to me when you have something on your menu that you don’t actually have one hand.

If you’ve never had dosas, they’re interesting. The crepe is extremely long, light and has a slightly crispy texture to them. The inside had mild (aka. not spicy) potatoes. The only issue with dosas is that I find there’s not much filling to it. It’s good for a light snack but that’s about it.

Raj Palace
15425 Bannister Road SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 454-3345

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