Daore is the newest Korean kid on the block. Holy, it seems like Korean spots are popping up left and right over the city right now. Of course, this one is located south side, nestled right into the Little India neighbourhood. If you spot New Asian Village, it’s in the same strip mall area.

A buddy and I decided to check them out for an early Canada Day dinner. The interior is brand new and spacious with a lot table capacity. When we went, there were only a few tables occupied but I think that’s because no one knows about it yet.

The menu has an interesting mix of items: a few appetizers (pancakes, rice cakes), soups, noodles, b bim bap, meat, bossam (!), one hotpot dish and one fish dish. Definitely will have to come again to try out all of their offerings.

We were given four side dishes: pickled radish/carrot, eggplant, kimchi and glazed potatoes. Our favourites were the eggplant (our server said it was mushroom but there’s nooooo way) and the potato. The glazed potato came in this slightly sweet sauce that was just bomb. Could have ate a whole bowl of these!

Bi bim neng myun (#9) ($14.50)
Buckwheat noodles in a cold beef broth with slices of beef, cucumber, white radish and half a boiled egg. We actually ordered the hwae neng myun (#11) but they brought out the wrong dish to us. We didn’t bother telling the waiter (guess we should have because they charged us $18.00 for our original dish). My buddy wasn’t a fan. For me, it was okay but I wasn’t overly impressed. It had ice cubes on the bottom to keep it cold. The beef broth came separate and I guess you’re supposed to mix the two elements together. The taste and flavour was pretty mundane. I have to say I preferred Bul Go Gi House’s take on the dish.

Jab chae (#12) ($13.99)
Stir fried glass noodles and vegetables with special soy sauce. The jab chae was tasty and devoured within a blink of the eye. This is the most colourful jab chae I’ve had in Edmonton. Lots of vegetables but the noodles didn’t have that satisfying chewy texture that’s normally my favourite part of eating glass noodles. Don’t get me wrong, we both enjoyed the dish, these are just minor quibbling’s.

Bul go gi (#16) ($14.95)
Sliced beef marinated in a soy sauce, garlic, black pepper and onion sauce along with other vegetables. Served on a hot iron plate with a bowl of steamed rice and comes with banchan. The bulgogi was perfectly cooked, the sauce had the perfect hint of sweetness to it and the mix of onions with bean sprouts, carrots and green onions balanced everything out.

Overall, I will have to come again to try out a few more dishes but from our first trip, it was solid. Another Korean spot to add to your list!

9334 – 34 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 433-0526

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