Ohana-Ya Japanese Restaurant

Ramen. Ramen. RAMEN. You know there’s going to be a new post whenever there’s new ramen in town. Let’s try and keep this short and sweet, if you want more details, check out my first post on Ohana-Ya

Five types of ramen on the menu but they are all in the $11.00-12.00 price range.

Trip #1

Bento box A ($12.00)
Beef with mixed tempura. Comes with edamami, maki, steamed rice and choice of miso soup or a salad. They forgot to bring out my buddy’s miso soup but I think there was enough food for him. The bento boxes are great value here.

Pork gyoza ($7.00)
Six pieces of fried pork dumplings. They were tasty but nothing out of the ordinary. If they gave more gyoza, it’d be worth it. But they don’t.

Shrimp shumai ($5.00)

If you’re going to go with an appetizer, try the shrimp shumai. Nice and light with a Japanese twist. Yeah, that’s a dollop of mustard on top of hoisin sauce.

Shoyu ($11.00)
Soya sauce based broth. Two pieces of cha sui, egg, green onions, bamboo shoots and corn. The noodles had a nice chewy bite to them and the bowl is decently sized. My broth was a bit lacklustre, especially compared to the tonkatsu. It reminded me more of Chinese herbal soups. Lacking depth and flavour, the broth tasted watered down.

Tonkatsu ($11.00)
Pork bone based broth. Pboy was in l-o-v-e. The only time I’ve been to lunch where he wasn’t chatting your ear off. Too busy diving into that bowl of creamy, flavourful pork broth. He would have swam in it if that was a possibility. This was probably the best broth out of the three.

Tan tan ($12.00)
Spicy sesame minced pork. D-Bone ordered this one. He didn’t realize there wasn’t any cha sui in his bowl, otherwise he would have ordered some. I had a taste and you get hints of peanut in the broth.

Trip #2

Miso ($11.00)
Soy bean based broth. I decided to try out their miso the second time we came for ramen. This one was much better than the shoyu I had previously but again, the broth was still lacking any real depth. I guess it’s passable for Edmonton standards but meh.

Overall, I think the ramen is pretty average at Ohana-Ya but hey, it’s another option for all you ramen eating lovers out there. Especially if you can’t make it out Saturday morning to Yuzen and are craving it for lunch!

Ohana-Ya Japanese Restaurant
#224, 2 Hebert Road
St. Albert, AB
(780) 459-8355

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