I was sooooo stoked when I found out Calgary got their very own Chatime location. I first tried Chatime out in Toronto and I was extremely impressed by their drink offerings. All about the customization!

There are a ton of drinks to choose from such as fresh juice, milk tea, mousse, fruit tea, fresh tea, chatime jelly, oriental pop tea, smoothie and coffees. An exhausting list if you take a close look. My favourite thing about Chatime is that you can custom your drink to your liking. Sugar options (0, 30%, 50%, 80%, regular or 120%) and ice (0%, 80%, regular or 120%).

If you’re an indecisive moffo, than check out the screens up front where their most popular drinks are shown. The place was busy on a late Friday night when we went with the line close to the door. But it moved quickly and we actually didn’t have to wait long to get our drinks. Just grab a seat at the table/counter and chilllll.

Chatime roasted milk tea with grass jelly ($5.50 large)
The roasted milk tea is freakin’ delicious. Seriously, if you haven’t had it before, get one immediately. I had mine with grass jelly and decided to try 50% sugar and regular ice. I think next time I’ll try 80% sugar and 80% ice.

Matcha redbean milk tea ($5.75 large)
My friend had the matcha redbean milk tea. Upgrading to large drinks costs an extra $0.50. It tasted just like matcha. With the redbean toppings, this one was more on the heavy side drink wise.

I’m pretty jealous that Calgary has a Chatime and Edmonton still has crap for bubble tea options. The hours are pretty good (11am to 10pm/11pm) and the location is prime if you want to grab a quick BBT before/after dinner. I’ll be back soon!

#102 328 Centre Street SE
Calgary, AB
(587) 352-0710

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