Yuzen Japanese Restaurant

Yuzen. If you don’t already know, they serve ramen but only on Saturdays. I tried going recently and it’s PACKED. If you’re planning to go, get there early. By early, I mean before they open (11:30am) otherwise be prepared to queue in line.

The interior is small with only room for maybe 20 customers or so. Hence why it’s packed for ramen. You could call it cozy and intimate but the décor is pretty minimalist.

Miso soup
They always start your meal off with a miso soup that is light and not too salty.

Matsu bento box ($15.00)
Six pieces of sashimi, three nigiri and three sashimi maki rolls. Comes with salad and a side bowl of rice. I’ve had this twice now and while it looks small compared to the ume bento, there is a lot of food. The salad has a sweet, tangy vinaigrette. The sashimi/nigiri is pretty standard (salmon, tuna and shrimp). I wish they gave a better variety of fish though. For the price, it’s quite reasonable.

Ume bento box ($12.00)
My buddy is a little less adventurous when it comes to sushi so he always sticks with the safe bento boxes. Comes with rice, salad, tempura, California rolls and your choice of teriyaki chicken or yakiniku beef. He went with the former.

Things are a little more pricey at Yuzen for dinner but I’ve only ever been during lunch times. The bento boxes are good value if you want to try a bit of everything. Great spot to grab some quality Japanese food.

Yuzen Japanese Restaurant
#127, 1 Hebert Road
St. Albert, AB
(780) 569-5270

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