Saigon Hut

Saigon Hut is one of those places that you go to when you want something quick to eat and that won’t break the bank. Located in the same parking lot as Table Top Cafe, Saigon Hut is only open weekdays (10:00am – 7:30pm). Heck, their slogan is “express Vietnamese cuisine”. That pretty much sums it up.

We decided to drop in for a quick Wednesday lunch and we’re able to snag a table. The place is small with enough room to fit 25 to 30 people. They have a few tables scattered around but there is a large area to dine solo and car watch your lunch hour away.

Order at the front counter and wait for your order to be called. This is a basic, no frills spot. More of a takeout than restaurant. You grab your own orders and clean up yourself.

Salad rolls ($3.95 for two) – your standard salad rolls although the peanut dipping sauce was different than normal. A bit on the sweet side, which was odd to my taste buds.

Spring rolls ($3.25 for three) – the springs rolls were done well. Light, crunchy deep fried goodness.

2x Saigon Hut vermicelli (#11) ($13.45)
All items meaning shrimp, sausage, a spring roll and veggies. I haven’t ate a vermicelli bowl in ages but decided to copy cat D-Bone’s order. The meats were seasoned well with good flavour and grilled nicely. You get three shrimps that were just ok. Once de-shelled, there wasn’t much flavour to them. One spring roll, they could easily give two and the veggies are pretty standard/generic. Portions are on the small side (same with the pho I saw other customer eating).

Saigon hut sandwich (#16) ($6.45)
Your choice of grilled beef, chicken or pork. She went with grilled beef and said the flavours were spot on. This is more sandwich than banh mi sadly, but man, it looked small. Almost like a half a sandwich. You’d need to order something else to be full.

Overall, Saigon Hut is passable if you work Southside but if you’re already in that area, I’d recommend you drive a little further south and check out Hung Phat instead. That would be my Southside Vietnamese pick for shizzle.

Saigon Hut
5728 – 75 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 757-9888

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