Gama Café

Gama Café recently moved a few streets west of its original location on Whyte Ave and is now housed in bright, fancy new digs. Fancy! Comfy booths, plushy cushions, this is definitely a cute place to bring a date for after-meal drinks and desserts.

No signage on the outside. Love places that do that. Makes it feel like only you know about it. Or at the very least, a pleasant surprise when you stumble upon it.

Menu consists of two pages. Coffee, tea, waffles, Taiwanese pancakes, toast and a few hot dishes to round things off.

Green cap ($4.95)
One of their signature cap tea drinks. I ordered the green cap cold – sweet, fresh brewed tea with a butter foam on top. The foam was unique. It tasted salty on it’s own. Mixed in with the tea, the drink was light, refreshing and had a flowery aroma to it. Interesting.

Taiwanese milk tea ($4.79)
Both my buddies ordered the Taiwanese milk tea cold. One is pretty much a Taiwanese guru so we awaited his verdict with much anticipation. Result? Pretty close to the real thing. A bit sweet in his opinion. Next time, he said he would ask for less sugar, which I’m sure is possible.

Marshmallow thick toast ($6.49)
We tried to order the Taiwanese pancakes but apparently, they don’t make them on the weekends. Strange. We went with our second choice, the marshmallow thick toast. First time having thick toast. Crunchy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside. Although, I found the marshmallow slightly too sweet for my taste buds.

Cute little spot to grab some Taiwanese style desserts and drinks. The waitresses are dressed up in black maid uniforms (costumes?), if you’re into that.

Gama Caféé/
10813 – 82 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 438-2382

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