Sunway Restaurant

Last meal in Vancouver. Where to go eat for a late Sunday dinner? Obviously, Richmond. I wanted sushi one last time but the sushi gods weren’t in our favour (Sushi Hachi was closed). We even tried to check out a friend’s recommendation for a HK style café food, Double Double Restaurant, but they were closed for their annual holiday (December 1 – 16). That left us in a tricky situation – where to eat with the millions of restaurants surrounding us. Luckily, I spotted Sunway Restaurant.

The way that the addresses are set up in this strip mall is bizarre. Three different addresses (4540, 4600 and 4660, something like that). Let’s just say we had a bit of trouble finding Sunway but we eventually found our way. The place is small, cramped and busy! We had to wait about 15 to 20 minutes but people, for the most part, eat their meals and go. No lingering here. In and out, ramen style.

This might have been the first Taiwanese restaurant that I’ve been to. We tried to order a variety of items but I know we didn’t do it justice. Next time! That or a trip to Taiwan is in order.

Herbal lamb hot pot ($9.95)
Everyone was ordering a hot pot dish so obviously, we had to try one ourselves. We went with the herbal lamp hot pot and it was delicious. Hearty, spicy, definitely order one. Don’t let the size of the pot deceive you, there is an abundance of meat and vegetables to devour.

Taiwanese shrimp pancake ($6.95)
This one was veeeeeery interesting. The pancake wasn’t what we were expecting. I guess I was envisioning something similar to a Korean style pancake but this one had an odd, gooey texture to it. An acquired, not for everyone taste.

Taiwanese wonton soup ($6.50)
The wonton soup was simple but well-executed. Broth was flavourful without being too salty. Good amount of wontons and cabbage to give you some much needed veggie intake.

Taiwanese road side seafood fried noodle ($9.50)
I haven’t been to Taiwan yet so I can’t compare it to the street food of Taiwan. But the fried noodles had a smooth, chewy texture to it. Again, a simple, tastes like home type of dish.

Lychee cold tea ($3.25)
I thought I’d give one of their cold tea’s a try. The tea flavour is prominent, almost bitter with only hints of lychee.

Sunway was a great way to end our trip on a high note. The prices are extremely reasonable, service is fast and the food is good. If you don’t know what to order, just take a peak at your neighbour’s table and get what they’re eating. Now I’m craving that hot pot baaaaaaaaad.

Sunway Restaurant
#1300, 4540 No. 3 Road
Richmond, BC
(778) 297-4363

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