SushiHolic Japanese Restaurant

SushiHolic. With two locations (their other location is on Denman) and a pretty high rating, they seem to be quite popular. We attempted to get into Shima-Ya but we weren’t willing to want over an hour for a spot (on a Thursday evening, really people?!?) so we decided to drive elsewhere and settled for SushiHolic. From what I’ve heard, it’s run by Koreans, so bear that in mind.

The outside is pretty non-descript but once you walk in, it’s a little more cozy, with the sushi chefs greeting you with hello’s. The layout is tight, compact and splits into what feels like two separate areas. We were seated into a corner booth, which felt cramped even though there were only three of us.

Deluxe assorted sashimi ($23.95)
IMG_146521 pieces of sashimi for $24.00. Yeah, that’s a pretty sweet deal. Salmon, sockeye salmon, tuna, hokkigai (surf clam), tako (octopus), hamachi (yellowtail) and another type I can’t remember. For the price, it really can’t be beat. It won’t blow you away but it’ll help satisfy those sashimi cravings one gets.

3x Toro ($1.80/piece), uni ($3.00/piece) and unagi ($2.30/piece)
I’m not sure why but they only charged us $1.30 per toro pieces. Woot, deaaaaal. The toro had a smooth, buttery taste to it. The unagi and uni were decent but nothing special about them. I’ve had better elsewhere.

Negihama roll ($3.25) and red roll ($8.95)
The negihama roll was good. For the red roll, you get 8 pieces. Chopped scallop with mayo, cucumber, spicy tuna and crispy bits on top. As my taste buds grow, I’m becoming less and less a fan of rolls with sauce on top. Too generic. I much prefer to eat nigiri or sashimi, that way at least you can taste the fresh, quality characteristics of the fish. Nothing to mask away the star ingredient.

Washington roll ($4.25) and chopped scallop roll ($3.75)

8 pieces for both the Washington (avocado and salmon) and chopped scallop roll. These are pretty standard fair but the chopped scallop rolls tasted fresh.

Not bad for a backup plan. I wouldn’t really go out of my way for SushiHolic, it’s not a must eat in my books. That being said, prices are pretty reasonable so if you’re looking for a more laid back place for sushi, give them a try.

SushiHolic Japanese Restaurant
3311 E Broadway
Vancouver, BC
(604) 879-4881

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