Double Greeting Wonton House

Nestled behind a corner off of 97 Street, I am shocked that I’ve never been to Double Greeting Wonton House at least once previously in my lifetime. They are slightly off the beaten path so it’s understandable if you’ve never spotted DG before. We decided to check them out for lunch on a Saturday afternoon and the place was packed. Choose a table or booth and pick wisely from the extensive list of dishes.

The interior is old, grungy and looks like it hasn’t been renovated for as long as the Land Before Time (those films were legit back in my childhood). That might deter some people but me, the ghetto’er, the betta. Prices are super cheap ($5.75-12.25) and they have everything: noodle soup, noodles, hot pot, rice dishes, etc. There are only 357 items to choose from. Easy peasy right? “Today’s Specials” on the very front page of the menu made me chuckle.

The hours are legit. Open till midnight and 1:00am Friday and Saturday’s! Lord, Edmonton needs more places like this. We were a group of 5 so I was put in charge of ordering – I decided to keep it pretty basic and technically, pretty non-Asian as we had a few people that couldn’t eat pork/meat and whatnot.

Spring rolls ($5.95)
Six pieces of deep fried vegetable spring rolls. They came out piping hot, fresh and not too greasy. Pretty standard fare but I will give them a thumbs up if that means anything to ya.

Shrimp fried rice (#161) ($9.75)
Fried rice is another one of those typical dishes that people associate with Chinese food. Easy to make but difficult to master and get that elusive “wok hay”. This one was tasty but could have used more shrimp in it.

Ginger beef (#201) ($10.75)
I don’t think I’ve ever ordered ginger beef at a restaurant before but the group wanted it so I obliged. It’s definitely not authentic but you already know that. The ginger beef was hot, tasty and satisfying. Crunchy, sweet goodness.

Seafood hot pot
Hot pot is always a winner. This seafood hot pot came out in an oldddddddddd school pot but it was so freaking good. Lots of fish, squid and shrimp along with tofu, cabbage and some other veggies. We actually wanted to order one of their specialty hot pot but the wait was about 20-25 minutes and we were crunched for time. Oh well, this one more than hit the spot.

Chow fun with chicken and kai lan
Chow fun is one of my favourite noodles. Kai lan (gai lan) is one of my favourite Chinese vegetable (Chinese broccoli if you haven’t had it before). Combine the two should equal greatness right? Well, mostly. This one was decent but it was lacking – the sauce was pretty generic tasting and wasn’t fully integrated with the noodles. Decent, but I’ve had much better elsewhere.

Don’t forget, CASH only! They have an ATM machine inside but that’s going to cost you unnecessary dolla bills so plan ahead of time, ok sonny? Put this one on your list for late night Chinese eats – again, they’re open till midnight/1 am! I will have to come back to try more of their authentic dishes, which one friend has told me about, such as their eggplant hotpot, wonton noodle soup, etc. Essentially, all of their old school Honger food. Next time!

Double Greeting Wonton House
10212-96 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 424-2486

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