Tasty Tomato Italian Eatery

Tasty Tomato is another neighbourhood Italian restaurant located on the west side (along with Piccolino Bistro) that has been around for ages. I’ve gone to this place many times when I was a youngin’ and I’m happy to say it continues to thrive. Family owned and operated for over 20 years, don’t let the drab exterior scare you away.

We decided to go for a late dinner Tuesday night. This is home cooked, traditional, comfort style Italian food with a relaxed vibe and staff. Grab a table along the walls and you can car-watch the night away.

Heck, the 50% off wine bottles sign (Monday to Thursdays) should be enticing you to step inside. Although it’s hilarious that it’s been up for as long as I can remember.

The menu is absolutely massive (literally). One page full of appetizers, pastas and entrees (veal and chicken) and the back page has all the drinks. I don’t think the menu has ever changed since I first set foot in Tasty Tomato, haha.

Amabile white wine  (Italian) ($16.00) – 50% wine. Who can resist? We went with an Amabile white wine, which was light, sweet and fruity.

Caesar salad ($11.95)
 The caesar salad was one of their daily specials. I haven’t ordered a caesar salads in ages but this one was quite good. Nothing special but the romaine lettuce was crisp and the croutons crunchy. The dressing leaned towards the lighter side. A health caesar, so to speak.

Lumache alla paragina ($12.95)
Escargot baked in a white wine garlic butter sauce. You get six pieces of escargot bathed in butter and oven baked cheese. An interesting appetizer to try. I would have preferred less butter but the escargots were tasty.

Lobster medallions ($16.95)
Another special for the night. I knew I had to order it the moment the waitress said the words lobster and special. Those two words scream good eats. The sauce was delicious – light, sweet, and creamy. The medallions/ravioli was on point and there was a good amount of lobsta filling in each one. My favourite dish of the night.

Penne rustici ($17.95)
Italian sausage sautéed in a pepper tomato sauce. I had a bite and the sausage was a bit too dry. However, my buddy really liked his dish.

Linguine salmone ($18.95)
Linguine noodles sautéed with smoked salmon, mushrooms, and sundried tomatoes in a rosee sauce. This one I preferred over the penne as the rosee sauce was tasty and the linguine absorbed the sauce well to give it a nice, uniform taste.

Don’t expect to be blown away by Tasty Tomato but if you want simple, homemade Italian food done right, this is the spot. A tad on the pricey side but I haven’t had a bad meal yet. Bonus – another good place to eat on the West end of town.

Tasty Tomato Italian Eatery
14233 Stony Plain Road
Edmonton, AB
(780) 452-3594

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