Nomiya: Tapas Sushi and Ramen

Since when does Nomiya have two locations? I’ve only ever passed/been in the one on Calgary Trail but their second spot is somewhere in Ellerslie. Who woulda thunk? If anyone reads this blog, then you know I love ramen. I should also probably divulge that I’m not the biggest Nomiya fan – that’s what bad experiences will do to you, leaves a sour taste in your mouth. The ramen I had was weak, flavourless and just was not good.

Well, we were stuck South side and given that it was a Monday, options were limited. I was in the mood for something soupy so we decided to give Nomiya another shot. Hey, at least I give places second chances right?

I was here for one thing and one thing only. Ramen. They have several options on the menu but I decided to play it safe and ordered their tonkatsu. I wanted to try their cold ramen but it’s only available June 1 – September 30.

Tonkatsu ramen ($12.50)
Four slices of chashu, nori, corn, green onion, bamboo shoots and noodles. The chashu was thin but tasty with a bit of fat on each slice. The texture of the noodles wasn’t bad but not as good as the ones I’ve had in Calgary. Same with the broth – it was okay but nothing to shout from the rooftops about. I didn’t hate it, so that in itself was a win.

Salmon sashimi ($12.50)
I’m not 100% sure how much it cost for 5 pieces of salmon (heck, it’s not even an option on the menu) but my friend wanted solely salmon sashimi and precisely 5 pieces. I think it worked out to around $2.50/piece. I really wasn’t paying attention, oops. I ate a slice and the salmon was decently sized, neither big nor small, but tasted fresh enough for Edmonton standards.

Fire cracker maki ($13.95)
Tempura unagi, seaweed salad, salmon, green onion, spicy sauce, and tempura crumbs. My friend ordered this and pretty much ate it all to herself. I tried one maki and for me, it was very meh. The spicy sauce was tasteless and mundane. Reminded me of Frank’s hot sauce. Not a fan.

I still have no idea why Edmonton doesn’t have any dedicated ramen only shops. Yuzen only has ramen Saturday’s at lunch while Ninja Club, like Nomiya, does both sushi and ramen. For heaven’s sake, someone take notes from Calgary and do it right. If you’re desperate for ramen, Nomiya is very, very mediocre. Do yourself a favour and skip out on the sushi options.

Nomiya: Tapas Sushi and Ramen
Edmonton, AB
(780) 462-1300

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