Tao Garden Restaurant

Tao Garden is for lack of better words, a hidden GEM. Tucked away behind the Lucky 97 supermarket, this is the perfect spot to go to after you’ve grabbed all your Asian groceries (let’s be serious, I bet your cart is stocked with Pocky’s).

I was a bit skeptical on the create your own noodle bowl concept but it works! For $10.50 (almost unheard of in Edmonton), you choose your soup base, noodle type and two toppings along with a drink. Sweeeeeeeeet deal yo. There’s 12 soup bases, 8 types of noodles and a smorgasbord of toppings to choose from (think hot pot style).

Spicy wontons ($5.00)
We started off with two appetizers to whet our appetite. Six wontons and these were delicious. Slightly spicy from the chili oil sauce, they were gobbled up quickly.

Grilled pork dumplings ($4.00)
Our second appetizer was four pieces of pork dumplings. These were pretty ordinary, I’d skip out next time I’m here.

Honey lemon drink
As I said above, you can choose from a hot or cold drink (there’s a list). We both went with the honey lemon, which warmed us up but leans towards the sweeter side of things.

Little sheep broth (extra hot) with flat rice noodle, marinated chicken and enoki mushrooms ($10.50)
Enoki mushrooms are da bomb. That was an easy choice. The second topping was tougher but I settled on marinated chicken. The extra hot little sheep broth actually lives up to its name. HOLY CRAP, it’s good. But be prepared for fireworks! Hot, spicy, my sinuses were in tip top shape after eating this bad boy. So delicious. I’m not sure if I can order a different broth now, I think I’m hooked.

Thai tom yum goong soup (medium hot) with vermicelli, pork & shrimp wonton and baby bok choy ($10.50)
My buddy decided to try their tom yum broth. I had a taste and it was pretty legit. Mine was definitely the better one though (biased eh?). He went with pork and shrimp wontons and baby bok choy as his toppings. Good choices indeed. How can you not love baby bok choy? So healthy and tasty!

Tao Garden is an awesome addition to the Chinatown premises. I want to try one of their hot pot rice dishes ($13.50). Those sound just as good as the soups. Fast service, cheap prices and infinite combinations to suit your noodle slurping needs, you know you waaaaaaaaant it.

Tao Garden Restaurant
9642-107 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 705-9688

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