Farrow Sandwiches

Farrow Sandwiches is hip(ster) and small. The entrance looks like you’re about to walk into someone’s apartment but don’t fret, once you open the door, you’ll know you’re in the right place. But seriously, the place only has three stools to sit! Soooo small but the vibe is cool and the music is bumpin’. Hip hop music? Yes, please, all day ‘errday. The music they had playing was pretty sweet, some sort of French rap/hip hop mix.

There are four sandwiches to choose from that rotate on a daily basis. The only sandwich that is stable is the Grick Middle. As I just had a banh mi recently in Chinatown (helloooooo $4.00 deals at Van Loc), I decided to give their take on banh mi a shot and see if paying double the price tag was worth it.

Banh mi over Baghdad ($9.00)
Spiced pulled pork, cucumbers, daikon and carrot slaw, hoisin and sesame mayo. Verdict – the pulled pork was pretty flavourful and tender but I didn’t get any spicyness in the meat. The sesame mayo definitely gave it a flavourful punch and obviously, you wouldn’t find that in a traditional banh mi. I didn’t like the cucumbers though – flavourless and they were cut weirdly for a banh mi. Good but I’ll stick to Chinatown.

I like the concept (especially the name connection with Three Boars) but their sandwiches aren’t the biggest. It was enough to tide me over but if this had been solely my lunch, I would still have been hungry afterwards. Hashtag hangry even (just kidding).

Tip – apparently they have a loyalty card so if you go lots, enquire about that!

Farrow Sandwiches
Edmonton, AB
(780) 757-4160

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