PitaBake, it’s been awhile since I last visited. New digs and new items on the menu gave me a reason to stop by to check out what’s changed. If you didn’t know, PitaBake specializes in stone-baked pitas and when you first walk in, you can see the massive pound stove oven working it’s magic behind the counter. Fire burning, fire burning on the dance floor. Er, I meant kitchen floor.

The interior is brand new with several tables and booths hugging the back wall (just peak around the corner and you’ll get what I’m saying). This legitimately could be a full blown restaurant now. But with the set up (ordering up front), it doesn’t feel like one although they do deliver the dishes to your table. The new digs are a nice upgrade from their previous location.

I wanted to try out their fatayer’s this time around but unfortunately, they only had dozen bags remaining. Next time. I’ve had their stone-baked pitas before but I wasn’t impressed by them, especially when you compare to Sunbake Pita Bakery and their deliciously cheap, traditional pies.

Mango juice ($4.00)
We decided to split a bottle of mango juice between the three of us. 16% of mango juice, pulpy goodness. Really refreshing and healthy. There also was a guava flavour that looked just as tasty.

Buffalo chicken kabob ($14.95)
All three of us decided to try out their kabob platters, which is one of the new items offered (also new is their falafels) since I last visited. I wanted the lamb kabob but they were already out! Bummer. We actually saw the last one being delivered to a table in front of us (should have said it was ours when the waitress asked, haha). Anyways, I ordered the buffalo chicken as DBone went with the tandoori.

Each platter comes with hummous, garlic sauce, fries and salad. The tabouli salad was good, light and refreshing but the hummous was on the bland side. The fries weren’t bad, but they needed more time with the deep fryer. It was missing that satisfying crunch and the spice sprinkled on the fries weren’t spread evenly. The buffalo sauce tasted similar to a Frank’s Red Hot sauce and the chicken was pretty dry. I wouldn’t order this one again.

Tandoori chicken kabob ($14.95)
The tandoori chicken kabob was much better. I tried a few pieces of the tandoori chicken and it was much more flavourful, although it was also a bit on the dry side.

Beef kabob ($14.95)
Our other buddy went with the beef kabob (so that we all hadn’t ordered chicken errthang). The only difference on his plate was a side of toum (a very garlicky sauce paste), which was really, really tasty. You’ll be in garlic heaven if you like garlic. Yum.

Pita bread
All of our orders came with pita bread. It was warmed up slightly, which was a nice touch but eat it fast as the pita cools really quickly and hardens. Seriously, eat it first.

PitaBake seems to be doing quite well for themselves. While majority of groups were ordering take out, I like how there is the option to sit down in comfort and relax. Now if they can just have lamb at the ready for next time…

15180-127 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 475-5447

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