Top Donair

Don’t you just love Easter weekend? The only issue is that so many places are closed for the holiday – well, not Top Donair, which meant I was able to try them out for the first time. Located literally three doors down from Swiss Donair, these two donair joints compete neck and neck for your donair dollahs.

I came in to grab a late Sunday lunch (around 1:30pm) and there quite a few others ordering in, but most individuals were doing take out. Not me, I didn’t want my car smelling like donair for the next three days, haha. The lady working the till is to the point but asks you what options you want in your donair (lettuce, tomato, onion, hot peppers) along with the type of sauce (garlic, tzatziki or sweet).

Decent selection to choose from (your typical donairs and their respective combos to burgers, fries/poutine, pizzas, salad and subs). They even had chicken wings and baklava, which if I’m not mistaken, comes from Cedar Sweets. The baklava looked scrumptious.

Super chicken donair combo ($11.75)
You have four sizes to choose from: regular, super, jumbo and kids. I went with the super combo (comes with a drink) as my breakfast was almost non-existent, meaning I was ready to eat my whole meal. Which I did. The chicken donair was devoured along with all the fries, which were nicely seasoned. The chicken were tender, good sized pieces. The garlic sauce was tasty but not too pungent. I also liked how it wasn’t doused in sauce, it was mixed in well with the donair so that each bite had the perfect amount of sauce to it.

Solid spot to grab a quick bite to eat if you’re in the area. Next time, I will have to try out their pizzas (which are reasonably priced at $8.50-$11.50 for 10″ and $11.00-$15.50 for 12″). And did I mention Top Donair is open till 2:00AM Friday/Saturdays? Hellooooo late night donair eats.

Top Donair
8210-144 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 476-1818

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