Schokolade Cafe

Vancouver has everything. Cafes that specialize in hot chocolate?! A Hot Chocolate Festival? Well, my friend is a hot chocolate specialist so we went to check out Schokolade Cafe after a game of Frisbee golf (don’t knock it till you try it!).

Schokolade Cafe is the definition of cute and cozy. The staff were all warm and friendly. The chairs are comfy although there are a limited amount of seats available. Sit back, relax and enjoy the jazz music playing softly in the background. Definitely a good place to bring a date, especially if they’re a hot chocolate fan.

Spicy ancient Aztec hot chocolate ($5.00)
I decided to go with something different and tried out their spicy Aztec hot chocolate. I wasn’t sure how these two contrasting flavours would work out (spicy and sweet), but if you mix and let them mingle, the taste grows on you. Just the right amount of kick from the cayenne that makes you want to keep drinking more!

Hazelnut ($5.00)
This was my friend’s order and she let me have a sip (just one though, she didn’t want to share, haha). Delicious! You could really taste the hazelnut. Plus, look how big these mugs are. Legit.

Schokolade Cafe also has artisan chocolates, a chocolate high tea menu, and a small selection of quiche/pastries if you’re feeling peckish. Cool spot to check out and something different to try out.

Schokolade Cafe
2263 East Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 253-9411

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