Old Szechaun

Old Szechuan, a name perfect to match this restaurant’s ghetto looking décor. From the exterior, it looks like someone’s run down house that’s been neglected for years but hey, they did spruce it up, with two picnic tables outside for some summer time eating.

I went with a buddy of mine, who I found out can’t/doesn’t like spicy food! WTF. So much for trying out their level 7 spicy food. The menu is absolutely massive. There’s about 350 options to choose from and several dishes are of the “market price” variety.

Don’t be afraid to ask though, lots of very interesting options if you have the patience to read through the menu. For our first time, we kept it pretty simple.

Lamb dumplings (#387) ($9.95)
You get six decently sized dumplings. The skin/wrapping had a nice chewy texture to it but sadly, the meat filling was meh. Couldn’t even tell that it was lamb, for all we know, it could have been stuffed with pork or beef. The sauce also was tasteless. Skip it.

Szechaun cold noodles (#358) ($8.95)
The cold noodles made up for it. Mix it up with the shredded lettuce and voila, you have a tangy, sweet tasty dish. Cold noodles are slowly growing on me. This was a level 2 heat on their menu but I didn’t find it spicy at all. BRING ON LEVEL 7, brah.

Stir fried tofu with dried shrimp and dried scallop (#311) ($13.95)
My buddy thoroughly enjoyed this one. The tofu was soft and smooth, with a slight bite to it. The dry scallop and shrimp gave a nice contrast to the sweet sauce. Tasty but will have to try their mapo tofu next time.

I’m on the fence at the moment as I wasn’t able to try any of their truly Szechuan dishes. All the hot pot dishes coming out of the kitchen looked enticing and really made me wish that we’d ordered one. I will have to give Old Szechuan another chance but they have all the makings for a good restaurant (ghetto decor, ghetto chairs and all Asians eating inside).

Old Szechaun
10703 – 103 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 428-5468

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