New York Bagel Cafe

New York Bagel Cafe is a quaint, well-known spot located just a few blocks off the beaten path of Whyte Ave. If your a brunch(ie) or a hipster, then you already know about this place. It’s located right beside the infamous Steel Wheels Pizzeria (soju anyone?).

I met up with a friend of mine for a late Sunday brunch, but it was more like lunch. I couldn’t believe it – we arrived at 2:30pm and the place was packed. There was even still a line, with three groups ahead of us. So ridiculous! Just another reason to hate brunch.

While we waited, I checked out NY Bagel Cafe’s interior, which has quite the assortment of random decor. Eclectic pops to mind. We grabbed a menu so that we wouldn’t have to waste any time deciding as we were starved. Strangely enough, I didn’t spot any of their infamous eggs benedict dishes on the menu. I believe they stop serving them later on in the day so get there early if you’re a bennies lover.

Cafe au lait ($4.50)
Look at all that foam oozing out of that cafe au lait. I don’t even drink coffee but I was even tempted to sip this baby up. Even better, my friend thoroughly enjoyed it and was debating ordering another one.

Lox and cream cheese ($20.00)
Both dishes came with potato salad, sour dill pickle and different types of fruit. The lox (aka. brined salmon) was plentiful, fresh and had a nice soft, chew to it. You pick the type of bagel you want (cheddar, sesame, white and whole wheat).

Hickory-smoked turkey with cream cheese and cranberry sauce ($18.00)
I can never say no to cranberry sauce. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it wasn’t a Thanksgiving style cranberry sauce, it had (I believe) currants and was much less sweeter. It was definitely homemade. I didn’t get any hints of hickory flavour from the turkey, but they were generous with the amount and sliced expertly. My dish also came with red onions, alfa sprouts, kiwi, tomatoes and cucumbers. So healthy!

Somehow, our order got lost in between the server putting in our order and the kitchen receiving it. We ended up waiting a pretty long time before inquiring about the hold up – lucky for us, NY Bagel Cafe acknowledged their mistake and rectified the situation. They comped our meal, which was a pleasant surprise. Nice to see that they owned up to the error, don’t know many places that would do that these days. I’ll be back next time to try their eggs benedict but hopefully I can get lucky and miss the crowds.

New York Bagel Cafe
8430 Gateway Boulevard
Edmonton, AB
(780) 432-2003

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