Urban Diner

Wow, no matter where you go, people are obsessed with brunch. Which makes me want to sing “why you so obsessed with me?” Love me some Mariah.

We were a table of 10 and this being my first time here, I learned they have a very interesting seating policy. Apparently your whole party must be present before they’ll seat you. That’s right, you need 100% attendance. What is this, junior high? I guess they’d rather you clog the front of the restaurant, then sit with 80% present. Oh brotha. The place was absolutely packed for a Saturday – luckily, my sis made a reservation. Weekends must always be like this.

We eventually were able to mosey our way to a booth table although it was a tad cramped. Our server was friendly and everything went pretty smoothly (minus her almost spilling a whole cup of water on one friend). Key word, almost. I won’t go through what everyone else ordered as I don’t have many pictures but the apple pie french toast looked dope and was my second choice.

Frittata ($12.00)
You choose the type of toast you want – I went with marbled rye and it comes with a side of blueberry jam. The frittata was a tasty mixture of chicken apple sausage, eggs, bacon, spinach, portabellinis, artichokes, tomatoes, peppers, leeks, swiss, and mozzarella cheese. It hit the spot for me. It’s definitely big enough that you could easily share and order something smaller to split.

I’m a fan of their drink menu, which had a clever “Pimp your Drink” slogan to it. What’s a better time for mimosas than brunch right? Urban Diner’s been a staple in the neighbourhood and I can’t see that changing anytime soon. Cheap brunch and decent eats, need I say more?

Urban Diner
12427 – 102 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 488-7274

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