Sabor Restaurant

This was my second time visiting Sabor Restaurant, with my first being before they rebranded and were known as Sabor Divino. I went for dinner on my first visit and have to say I wasn’t impressed. There were a few good dishes but also several terrible ones.

I haven’t been back since but a friend of mine went for lunch a few days ago and sent me a picture of her meal that had me drooling. Hook, line and sinkeeeeeeeer. I decided to give Sabor another shot and went with D-Bone on a Wednesday to test out their Edmonton Downtown Dining Week lunch special. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that they have regular daily lunch specials (with soup included).

Vegetable puree
The vegetable puree soup was light and tasted like a thin, mellowed out potato soup. Decent but nothing out of the ordinary. We were also given four small pieces of bread with butter to start off our meal.

Catch of the Day ($15.00)
Fresh grilled salmon and leek risotto. This was my dish and it was divine. The salmon was perfectly cooked (so tender, it fell apart with the slightest touch of a fork) and the risotto, holy crap, it was amazing! Full of flavour, the leek was subtle but added a nice touch to the risotto. Bomb.

Seafood and chicken paella ($18.00)
Octopus, prawns, mussels, clams, chicken, saffron rice and vegetables. The waiter informed us that there were only two paella’s left so D-Bone jumped all over that. I had a couple bites of the paella – we both agreed it was good but the dish was lacking finesse. The rice was dry (from being under a heat lamp for too long), the shrimp had an odd after taste and the clams weren’t good.

So how to sum up? The service is attentive and professional (only male waiters, which I didn’t notice until D-Bone pointed it out) and the atmosphere is cool but classy (suits everywhere). But the food, once again, it’s up and down. For fine dining, my expectations are high. Based on my past two trips, I’m not sure I would go for dinner but their lunch specials are much more reasonable.

Sabor Restaurant
10220-103 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 757-1114

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