Million Thai Restaurant

Million Thai Restaurant has been on my hit list for the past few months but I rarely, if ever, am in the neighbourhood of Beverly. I made a conscious effort to go and decided to meet up with a buddy of mine who works nearby. We went on a Wednesday for lunch and the place was pretty empty, save for one other table occupied. The interior is actually quite nice – clean and simple with a few Thai paintings and decorations to round things out.

The one waitress we had was very friendly and checked up on us several times to make sure everything was good with us. One thing they should change is the music – they had really odd lullaby, borderline annoying music on in the background. It really irked my one friend, poor guy.

Million Thai has a cheap one page lunch menu. $10.00 to 12.00 for your dish that comes with steamed rice ($1.00 extra for coconut rice) and two vegetable spring rolls. To bad pad thai or any other noodle dishes aren’t included, the curries sound quite delicious! They should really include noodles onto that list.

Dinner for Two – Set B ($35.00)
Even though we were here for lunch, we decided to try out one of Million Thai’s set dinner menus. Set B includes two starters, one noodle dish and one fried rice dish. There are a couple options available for each category.

Money bags
You get four money bags to share, which are stuffed with minced pork and bits of vegetables. They look like sacs of money, hence the name. These were awesome – hot, crispy, crunchy and had the perfect balance of flavour. The unexpected kicker here was coconut flakes, which gave it a nice sweetness to it. Genius!

Thai sausages
You get six pieces of Thai sausages. I had no idea what “Thai” sausages were but they were quite tasty. They came out nice and hot, had a slight kick to it and were well seasoned.

Pad thai
My buddy was craving pad thai so we ordered one as our noodle dish. Plating is beautiful – you can see each individual item before mixing up everything together. I find sweetness of the tamarind sauce is an issue in Edmonton and this one sadly was too sweet for both our tastes. It was still tasty but just not how I like my pad thai.

Drunken fried rice
The drunken fried rice was much better. It came with basil, cucumbers, green beans, red peppers and pork. The rice was flavourful and had a hint of spice. This one was the better of our two entrees.

Nice to see another Thai spot in the city worth checking out. If you’re in the area, definitely check them out. Prices are reasonable ($9.00-15.00 for most dishes) and the food is made fresh. Next time, I will have to try out the salt-dried calamari and a couple other dishes that caught my eye. Hope they are more busy at dinner.

Million Thai Restaurant
4109 – 118 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 477-1617

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