T.Pot China Bistro

So going out for dim sum has slowly dwindled from my diet, there used to be a time when I’d be going weekly with the fam jam. What better way to break that streak than to check out T.Pot China Bistro? All my buddies in town along with my sis were raving about how good T.Pot was, which made it pretty surprising how bad their Urbanspoon rating is. Who knew the ‘spoon could be wrong?!! Guess there’s always a first for everything. I can only give my two cents on the dim sum but based on my visit, this place is legit. All their dim sum dishes are fresh and made to order. It even had me reminiscing about HK dim sum.


Located in Country Hills, this place is inconveniently out of the way but it’s worth the drive. The strip mall area is packed with several other Asian restaurants and a T&T Supermarket. We were able to get VIP parking and did not have to wait long to be seated. We came on a Saturday but way past the brunch/lunch rush, so there was no problem finding a table.

The menu is straight forward – tick off what you want and flag down a waiter/waitress. Then wait for the goodies to come.

Siu mai (#14) ($5.75)
Siu mai came in a fancy, wooden box. A staple item that we always order and it consisted of a mixture of pork and shrimp. Yum.

Loh mai fun (#29) ($6.50)
Preserved meat with sticky rice. A good filler and while it didn’t have a lot of meat in it, it was tasty.

Beef and cilantro cheong fun (#23) ($5.75)
We asked for the soya sauce on the side so that my sis could eat it. Otherwise, these rice crepes are normally drenched in a pool of sauce. They were pretty good.

Har gow (#11) ($5.75)
The har gow (shrimp dumplings) were nice and plump. Another staple order that we enjoyed.

Pan fried dumplings (#13) ($6.50)
The pan fried dumplings were delectable. Juicy pork in the inside, good amount of filling and the dumplings had a nice texture/light crisp to them.

Loh bak go (#39) ($5.75)
Good, not too greasy but the fried turnip cakes could have been crispier.

Thai style vegetables (#80) ($7.95)
We wanted some vegetables to eat/to combat all the meat and grease, so we decided to order their “Thai” style vegetables. That’s in quotations because I have no clue how these are even slightly associated to Thai food. These were basically stir fried vegetables, not a hint of spice or flavours that you’d expect. Definitely pass on this.

BBQ pork bun with butter and sugar (#9) ($5.75)
These were sooooooooooooo good. Piping hot, heavenly clouds of pillowy BBQ pork bun goodness. 100% order these, your taste buds can thank me later.

T.Pot is a great spot to grab some tasty dim sum in Calgary. I will be back to try more of their dishes and of course, for their delicious buns. Bun me up!

T.Pot China Bistro
#100, 9650 Harvest Hills Blvd NE
Calgary, AB
(403) 532-3982

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