Garden Bakery & Restaurant

Good ‘ol Garden Bakery. I’ve been going to this Chinese bakery since I was a kid and it seems like nothing has changed. Buns, pastries and cakes in the front and if your feeling hungry, they have a restaurant upstairs in the back. I’ve ate there a few times – the food is pretty typical (although it is dirt cheap, especially if you order one of the specials) but it’s open till 4 am Fridays/Saturdays! Late night eaaaats. I was there recently and grabbed a few buns to satisfy my hunger pains. It’s $0.85/bun but if you buy three or more, the price drops to $0.65/bun. Deaaaaaal. They make it even more enticing because if you buy six or more items, you don’t get charged tax. Six buns it is. 3 cocktail, 2 chicken and 1 BBQ pork bun ($0.65 each) All the buns were delicious, soft and fluffy. The filling isn’t quite what it used to be back in the day but that’s to be expected. Cocktail buns are my favourite. Dan tat ($1.25) Bought 15 Chinese egg tarts to a potluck. They were flaky, custardy goodness. They are best warmed up so pop them back in the oven for a few minutes and they just melt in your mouth. Yum. Garden Bakery has a selection of pastries worth trying but seriously, you can’t go wrong with the price. It’s a staple in Chinatown (second location in WEM) and a cheap, go to spot to grab Chinese buns/pastries. Garden Bakery 10019-106 Avenue Edmonton, AB (780) 423-7828 Garden Bakery on Urbanspoon