Boba Island Bubble Tea

Boba Island Bubble Tea has been around for ages. I think this might have been one of the first places where I tried bubble tea. I haven’t been since then, which was over a decade ago. Crazy. I decided to grab a quick BBT before a meeting downtown and stepped into a typical bubble tea joint. The inside looks pretty new and there’s a couple of high chairs to sit at if you want to hang out.

The lady working the front is very friendly. I decided to see if they could make my go to avocado and mango BBT. Unfortunately, they charge extra for pretty much everything – extra flavoured jellies ($0.75), extra fruit ($1.50), substitute for soy milk ($0.75) or substitute 1/2 sago and 1/2 flavoured jellies ($0.50).

The extra fruit is hella expensive, yeesh (ok, not really, but in comparison to other BBT places, yes). Other than that, most of their beverages are $3.95 to $4.95 (their coconut mania and frappe bliss are $5.95). You’re welcome. Don’t you just hate when websites don’t have the prices up? Biggest pet peeve.

Avocado and mango BBT ($4.95) with grass jelly ($0.95) and extra fruit ($1.50)
If you can do math, that’s a more than average expensive bubble tea. Total was almost $7.50! Sure, it’s my fault I guess that I added on extras but for that price, I want Vancouver quality. The BBT was decent. Actually, the sago (they mixed in both for me) was pretty good, considering I usually don’t like it so that was a bonus. Sadly, the avocado didn’t have that fresh, creamy taste. One cool thing was that the drink cup actually had a nice, sturdy feel to it. Not your typical cheap, flimsy bubble tea cup.

Decent spot if you’re looking for some bubble tea in Chinatown. Ask for their loyalty card if you plan on stopping by for multiple visits.

Boba Island Bubble Tea
10588-100 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 756-2622

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