B-Bim-Baab Restaurant & Lounge

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to B-Bim-Baab. This trip was my third visit and it still has that Korean homey, comfort food style to it. The food is good but some dishes are definitely on the pricier side, especially if you compare to other Korean restaurants nearby. Seriously, are they all on the south side??? Bul Go Gi HouseCoco Deep Fried ChickenDon Day, Lee HouseMama Lee’s KitchenWing Chicx, (technically Lee House Korean BBQ is in Chinatown). Sorry, Ginseng Restaurant and Korean BBQ House, there’s no urgency to try you out, not when it’s over $30 for mediocre AYCE Korean BBQ.

A buddy of mine and I decided to check out B-Bim-Baab for Sunday dinner and it was reasonably packed. Located in the industrial south side, also known as in the middle of butt eff nowhere, there’s really no reason to be in this area unless your coming here for some good eats. I guess work might also be a legitimate reason. Maybe.

Hours for both Kenko and B-Bim-Baab. Not sure what is going on with Kenko as they had a sign on the front saying they are closed but you’re able to order from both menus, if it pleases m’lord.

Two banchan side dishes of kim chi and bean sprouts. Nothing to write home about. We were offered refills so we did ask for another bean sprout.

Raw salmon b-bim-baab ($16.99)
Salmon with fresh vegetables on steamed rice. Topped with sesame seed oil and served with homemade sweet and sour hot sauce. I wanted to get a dolsot (stone) b-bim-baap but I misread and assumed they all were like that. Not the raw salmon one. It was tasty but the dolsot gives the rich that extra crunchy, crispy texture to the rice that I enjoy more. As well, it’s pretty pricey at $17.00. For that price, there should be waaaaaaay more salmon. I’d stick with the normal ones next time.

Oh sam bokum ($22.00)
Spicy stir fried squid and pork with vegetables and roasted, crushed peanuts. Again, overpriced at $22.00 (most of the other stir fried meat platters were in the $13-20 range). The oh sam bokum lived up to its name – spicy, good amount of squid and an addictive sauce. It also comes with a bowl of rice. I’d order it again if it weren’t so pricey.

Cha jiang myun ($12.50)
Thick noodles with pork and vegetables in Korean style black bean sauce. Topped with shredded cucumber, green onion and sesame seed. I love trying out new dishes and this was the first time that I’ve had cha jiang myun. The sauce was sweet (not salty Chinese black bean sauce style, but interestingly enough, it’s origins are from China) and the noodles had the perfect chew to it. The sweetness comes from the paste, which is made from roasted soybeans and caramel. It was devoured quickly between the two of us.

B-Bim-Baab is still a solid choice for Korean food in my books. Prices are more expensive than the norm, but if you pick the right dishes, it’s really not that much more. The waitresses are friendly and you’ll feel right at home.

B-Bim-Baab Restaurant & Lounge
9543-42 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 433-1239

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