Muku Japanese Ramen

I’ve been slowly working my way through all of the ramen spots in Calgary and Muku Japanese Ramen was next on the hit list. It’s owned by the same people that run Globefish, which is conveniently located beside each other. The parking lot is tight but woah, Muku is buuuuuuuusy. We got there around 5:30pm on a Friday evening and there already was a crowd of people lined up.

There’s two lists to put your name down on – one for tables and one to sit at the ramen bar. Choose wisely, then breath in the aromatics (don’t worry, the wait is bearable). Their system would be infinitely better if they were grouping people based on table size. Seriously, I know first come first serve is usually the way to go but when you put two people on a four spot, that’s a waste of real estate, especially considering their capacity. Oh well.

The menu is purely ramen (the way it should be) and you can choose from three broths – tonkatsu, miso and shoyu. Each broth has a choice of regular, spicy and then add ons (extra meat, wontons, etc.).

2x Tonkatsu chashu wonton ($12.95) + set ($3.00)
My buddy and I ordered the same tonkatsu chashu wonton ramen – for an extra $2.00, you get five extra slices of chashu pork and two wontons. Muku’s tonkatsu broth had depth and was very flavourful. Both friends and I agreed that we could easily slurp up a bowl on it’s own, after all, this is their speciality broth. Made from pork bones and a soy-based sauce, you’ll want to dive right in. Bathe in it even. The ramen came topped with fresh green onions, young corn and a slice of naruto (Japanese fish cake). The noodles had a nice chewy bite to it and stayed that way till the bitter end. I have to say, I enjoyed Muku’s tonkatsu much more than Menyatai’s but Menyatai wins hands down with their chashu. Both have their strengths but are winners in my book.

We also added the $3.00 set menu which gives you your choice of a small rice bowl (beef, chashu and unagi) and salad. I went with the unagi, which came with two pieces of tender, fatty eel pieces. One more would have been perfect. The salad was light and refreshing with a sweet salad dressing on top. It’s definitely worth adding onto your meal.

Miso ramen ($9.95)
My friend went with the miso, which is made of chicken and fish broth and Muku’s original miso paste. I sampled a bit of the miso broth and I definitely was a bigger fan of the tonkatsu. It really depends on what you want though. The miso ramen came with chashu, fresh green onions, corn kernels, bean sporuts, bamboo shoots, carrots and nori.

I’m still baffled by how many good spots there are in Calgary to get your ramen fix in. Seriously, soooooo good. Ramen done right. Sit at the ramen bar and watch the one ramen maestro/chef work his magic. It’s unreal, it’s literally one man doing everything in the kitchen.

Muku Japanese Ramen
326 14 Street NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 283-6555

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