Tau Bay Restaurant

Ah, Tau Bay, this visit is long overdue. It must be over two years since I’ve last had a taste of your glorious pho. So much has changed since then and by so much, I mean that the istaubayopen.com website no longer exists (RIP buddy). I don’t know a better way to have a cult following then to have a website dedicated solely to that! Someone please rekindle the magic? I’ve tried to go a few times but they always seem to be closed randomly. Plus, they have the most bizarre hours – we went on a Tuesday for dinner and they close at 6:30pm. WHAT? Even then, there were people piling in for last call. I guess when you’re that popular and the price is right ($9.05 for an XL, $8.20 for a medium), you can do whatever you want.

If you’ve never been before, shame on you. It’s a staple in Edmonton for a reason. The place is bare Vietnamese minimalism but let’s be serious, you’re only there for one thing and one thing only. Just make sure to bring cash and you’re golden. Service is friendly and fast, your bowl comes out in 5 minutes tops.

Menu on one simple, easy to read page. Check off what you want and voila, you’re done.  No prices on the sheet though, you’ll have to look at the real menu for that.

Dac biet (#1) ($9.05 extra large)
Special combo with steak, flank, well-done tendon and tripe. Essentially, you’re smorgasbord of meat – you get a bit of everything. Let’s talk about the broth – fragrant, aromatic, and not oily, greasy or over salted. Just divine. It also has the perfect balance of sweetness to it that just puts the broth into over-the-top goodness. Dinomite.

Tai, nam, gau (#9) ($9.05 extra large)
My buddy had the steak, well-done tendon and brisket pho. Essentially the same but with a slight variation on the types of meat in it. It was his first time trying Tau Bay and he’s a big fan.

Great spot to grab a hot, tasty bowl of pho for an extremely reasonable price. You seriously can’t go wrong, other than coming on a day/evening when they are closed. Roll the dice and hope you get lucky (or you could use that thing called a telephone to check beforehand).

Tau Bay Restaurant
10660-98 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 421-0807

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