Chili Island

Chili Island was the last place I ate at during my latest trip to cowtown. I was coming back from Kicking Horse and hadn’t ate pretty much all day, so that’s why we ordered so much for two. That sounds like a reasonable excuse right? Haha, that and we just over order in general whenever I eat out with my sis.

Normally, I’m not a fan of restaurants that combine cuisines (Chinese and Thai aren’t even close to being similar cuisines but let’s not go there). However, my sis likes it and frequents it almost on a monthly basis so that says something. The owners/waitress/cook, I think they do it all, are super sweet and speak Chinese (and probably Thai for that matter). I read a few reviews after my visit and yes, the service is on the slow side but hey, go on a Sunday evening and you won’t feel rushed. I was surprised by how big the restaurant is inside and wonder how busy they normally get. Alas, on to the food.

Peek kai yod sai (#3) ($12.95)
You get four massive pieces of Thai stuffed chicken wings. These were friggin’ amazing. WOW. And the sauce it came with, it’s off-the-charts good. Welcome to spicy, flavour town. ORDER these immediately.

Chili Island’s seafood platter (#23) ($17.95)
A generous amount of seafood (shrimps, mussels, squid, scallops) along with a some red and green peppers and onions. Everything was bathed in a fragrant, spicy sauce. Went very well with the coconut rice.

Singapore fried rice noodles (#86) ($10.95)
Singaporean noodles is pretty much a staple whenever I eat out with my sister. This one was pretty typical. My sis wanted this over trying their pad thai.

2x Coconut milk rice (#76) ($1.95 each)
Yes please, seriously, can you ever go wrong with coconut rice? Methinks not. Plus that was just rhetorical. Obviously, coconut rice is the way to go. Creamy, flavourful rice.

Decent Thai/Chinese spot in the deep corner of Calgary’s SE sector. Probably not something I would specifically drive out of the way for but if you’re in the area, Chili Island hits the spot.

Chili Island
#301, 4600 – 130 Avenue SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 726-0733

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