Hung Phat Vietnamese Noodle House

Hung Phat. Now that your inner 8 year old is done giggling, can I start this review up? I’ve always complained about how the south side is lacking a good Vietnamese place to go with all the other good eats in the area. Seriously, south side is dope. Well, that’s where Hung Phat Vietnamese Noodle House comes into play. I’ve passed by this place so many times without blinking an eye but I decided one day to check it out on a Wednesday evening after seeing it had excellent ratings on the ‘spoon. That and I just went to my first ever spin class at Tru Ride, which meant I needed to regain all the calories I had just lost in the past hour.

Hung Phat is located in a little strip mall area. If you know where Izakaya Tomo is, it’s pretty much right there. Service is typical Vietnamese style but leans on the bare, minimal side (we had to ask for water). You pay at the counter up front when you’re done eating. One odd thing was the bean sprout/basil/lemon side dish we got was pretty depressing looking – the basil leaves were small and limp. At least give some fresh basil leaves…

Satay seafood rice noodle soup (#25) ($11.95)
Oh. Em. Gee. Hung Phat’s satay soup is unreal. The broth was sooooooo good – the perfect balance of spice, heat and sweetness. The broth itself is thick and almost chunky (for lack of better words). It’s something completely different than your normal pho bowls. You get hints of peanuts and lemongrass flavour in the broth. They even have tomatoes in the soup that give it a bit of sweetness. Oh man, I need to go back asap and try more!

This is my definition of heaven in a bowl. Not to mention how deceivingly large their bowls are – seriously, I kept on eating and it barely looked like I made a dent in it. They are generous with the noodles, which were a tad messy to deal with. Clumped together but I powered through.

Beef ball noodle soup (#15) ($9.95) – my friend ordered their beef ball noodle soup. No complaints from her either other than she was stuffed to the brim.

Awesome Vietnamese spot on the south side. Happy to have found another good place to eat at! Order their satay soup. Winner, winner, satay dinner.

Hung Phat Vietnamese Noodle House
3849-99 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 988-8218

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