Milk & Sugar Cafe

$2 bubble tea specials! Are you kidding me? I should have tried it (they have two flavours on rotation) but I was too tempted by all their fresh fruit bubble tea combinations. Clearly, I should have done the smart thing and got two drinks…but that might have been slightly excessive.

Milk & Sugar Café is your typical BBT hangout with paper specials plastered on the walls and TV’s showing sport highlights to help entertain you/ignore your friends, while you wait for your bubble tea to be made fresh. It’ll take a few minutes but you can hear and see them making everything, which is awesome.

Look at all the fresh fruit combinations. Holy crap, so many tasty options and price is very reasonable ($4.25 large and $3.50 small for fresh fruit). Next time I’ll have to try their papaya passion fruit. They all sound so good.

Mango avocado ($4.25 large)
I don’t know why I’ve never had this combo before but it’s delicious. You get that creamy avocado texture mixed with the sweetness of the mango. YUM. Haven’t had an avocado bubble tea this good since Hawaii.

Fresh durian ($5.25 large)
Beware of smell, it is potent. My one friend couldn’t handle it and was having a meltdown from the odor. Sure, it’s smelly but it actually has a pretty interesting taste. Worth a try if you’ve never had it. Once you pop open the lid, it just oozes durian.

Green tea cheesecake ($2.00 small + $0.50 for sago)
Small is pretty reasonably sized (you can upgrade to a large for $1.00). Seriously though, you can’t go wrong with a bubble tea for less than $3.00! I had a taste and the cheesecake flavour is prominent. We were guessing that they added a scoop of cheesecake ice cream to make it more creamy.

All in all, I really liked Milk & Sugar Café. If I lived in town, this would definitely be a spot I’d frequent often. They also have ice cream, Asian snacks and a few other desserts if you’re craving some non-bubble tea related drinks.

Milk & Sugar Cafe
#101, 3365 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC
(604) 559-5477

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