Fired Up BBQ

Get fired up! Before I was able to try Fired Up BBQ for myself, I suggested to one of my buddies to check them out. Yes, I sent him to a place I’ve never been before. He liked it so much he went twice! Clearly, I know my shiiiiz. Or as the kiddies say these days, NBD.

I finally was able to try FU BBQ (yes, it’s been officially nicknamed) with two friends of mine for lunch on a Saturday. They weren’t busy at all, I was actually quite surprised. It must be busy during weekday lunches though. Either way, that meant prime pickings for us!

There’s no menus – you just go up to the counter and order from their blackboard selections. Lots of different items to choose from (meals, sandwiches, BBQ plates, kids menu, southern sides and desserts).

We ordered a lot of food for three people but there wasn’t a single drop of leftovers to take home. That’s how good it was. Plus my buddy is just a monster when it comes to eating food. He had to get an extra order of southern sides to wet his appetite. Each BBQ plate comes with your choose of three sides, choose wisely!

Pulled pork plate ($13.00)
Tender, juicy pulled pork goodness. If you couldn’t tell already, the portions of meat are very generous. Of course, we had coleslaw to go with this dish. We ain’t playing.

BBQ pork ribs full rack ($24.00)
We asked for the BBQ sauce on the side, which had a nice sweet, tanginess to it. Another generous portion – two massive slabs of pork ribs that were fall of the bone tender but still had a nice, slightly crispy bite to it. Just the way I like it.

BBQ half chicken ($16.50)
Two full sized pieces of chicken (thigh and drumstick!). Wow, these were off the charts tender. I was mightily impressed. You NEED to order the chicken. This was my favourite dish of the day! Order the chicken. Dooooo it.

Sides – Spanish rice ($2.50), 2x cornbread ($1.00 each) & baked beans ($2.50)
IMG_1854For our BBQ platters, we tried to sample most of their offerings (southwestern corn, potato salad, coleslaw, mac & cheese). All of them were great except for the mac & cheese, which sadly didn’t have any rich, creamy flavour to it. It was pretty bland, almost lifeless. Can’t complain too much though when everything else was dynamite.

Iced tea ($2.00 large) – house brewed ice tea. The ice tea was mild, not sweet at all, which contrasted nicely with all of the food that we ordered.

Solid, solid spot to get your BBQ fix. Just look for the Argyll Plaza sign and you’ll see it. Or for that matter, look for Union Hall, which I had no clue is literally right beside Fired Up BBQ.  Next time we will have to leave some room for their desserts.

Fired Up BBQ
6224 – 99 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 438-8218

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