You already know about Japadog so let’s keep this baby short and sweet. Couple locations along with a spot in NYC now (impressive!). Great spot to share a quick, light snack.

Keep yourself entertained by browsing all the famous celebrities (Bourdain) that have dropped by their kiosk. Your dog will take a few minutes to cook but it’s worth the wait – you know they’re cooking them up fresh, to order.

There’s 12 different hot dog options to choose from. I’ve tried a few flavours from my last few trips so I decided to try out their newest creation, the Salmon Dog. It’s 100% salmon and comes straight from Hokkaido, Japan.

Salmon (#8) ($5.25)
Simple and filling. I don’t normally eat hot dogs but I’ll make an exception for Japadogs! If lived here, I probably wouldn’t come here that often (if you think about it, it’s overpriced for a hot dog with a few unique toppings) but as a tourist, it’s worth a try. Plus it’s in a prime location so how can you say no?

845 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 667-4663

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