Village Ice Cream

I’ve been wanting to try Village Ice Cream’s shop for a couple months now. I can never say no to good local, artisan ice cream and these guys/girls know what they’re doing. I had a nice chat with the girl working the front and they do everything as local and organic as possible. Ingredients, supplies, you name it, they use ’em.

Village Ice Cream is tucked away in a slightly random, industrial warehouse area. You won’t see it from the street but just keep on going and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. The perfect spot for summer and hanging out, look at those cute benches out front. Lucky for me, there was no line when I went (score!) but don’t let the pictures and snow deceive you. It was waaaaarm for a Friday (winter) afternoon.

Look at all the flavours to choose from. I like how there are 10 staple flavours and then 3 seasonal flavours to choose from. Nice and simple. The seasonal ones were cereal milk crunch, melted chocolate and snicker doodle. I had a sample of the cereal and it tasted exactly as described. I decided to keep it simple for my first taste of Village’s Ice Cream and based on the girl’s recommendations, I went with vanilla bean and early grey.

Vanilla bean and earl grey ($7.00 double scoop) and handmade waffle cone ($1.00)

Out of the two flavours, the vanilla bean (top) was my favourite. It was rich, creamy and did the classic justice. Doing simple things well is always hard to do so props to Village. The earl grey (bottom) was good but for me, I felt it needed a stronger tea flavour to it. A little too subtle/mild for my tastes.


Let’s talk a bit on that homemade waffle cone – crispy, thin and fresh. That’s a winning combo. Homemade is just better. Yes to human labour, all day, err day.

Definitely a great spot to take a date or friends for some ice cream deliciousness. Oh man, can’t wait for my next visit to try some more flavours!

Village Ice Cream
431 10 Avenue SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 261-7950

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