Don Day Korean Cuisine

Second time trying Don Day Korean Cuisine but I feel that I should be eating here more often. The food is awesome and they have a very relaxed, easy going vibe.

There are cool wooden table booths to sit at and K-pop music videos playing in the background. That and I like how the restaurant is tucked away in a random little spot. You gotta know about the good spots, ya dig?

You only get two side dishes (eye roll at Edmonton and their weak banchan selection) which was kim chi and seasoned seaweed. The seaweed was so delicious we had to get re-fills thrice.

Spicy seafood soup (#16) ($34.99)
Spicy seafood soup with vegetables and udon noodles. These Korean hot pot dishes are so satisfying. I love how you can just keep on eating and eating but by the end, it looks like you haven’t made even the slightest dent in it. The soup was nicely spiced, the noodles had the right bite and the balance of seafood to vegetables was pretty reasonable. It was a very filling, satisfying and comforting meal.

Don Day is definitely a hidden gem. I’m surprised actually that it’s not more popular. I guess there are quite a few Korean restaurants in the same vicinity. Don’t let that deter you, Don Day is a great spot for some authentic Korean eats. Now can someone figure out if this Don Day is related?

Don Day Korean Cuisine
3212 Parsons Road
Edmonton, AB
(780) 469-9963

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