Fisherman’s Terrace Seafood Restaurant

Dim sum in Richmond is pretty much a given when you’re in town. There seems to be an infinite amount of restaurants to choose from and things get heated when you start asking what everyone’s favourite dim sum place is in town. I couldn’t decide so I let my Van friends pick the spot. We ended up going to Fisherman’s Terrace, which is conveniently located in Aberdeen Mall. Woo Asian central! Hit up Dasoi afterwards to get all your cheap Asian goodies that you never knew you needed/existed.

Parking is free for the first three hours but make sure you don’t go over! Vancouver and their damn parking insanity. Fisherman’s Terrace was packed when we came on a Saturday morning but luckily, my friend had made a reservation so we were seated fairly quickly. They give you a menu to check off the dishes you want (no carts). There were five of us so we went to town.

Ha gow ($5.55)
A staple order whenever you go for dim sum. I think we also ordered sui mai but no picture. These were plump, generous amount of shrimp.

Steamed shrimp dumpling with dried scallop and spinach ($5.95)
These were a nice change from our usual ordering. Again, packed to the brim with filling and the spinach gave it an extra bit of flavour.

Lo mai fun ($5.55)
Sticky rice is always good. A favourite of mine since I was a kid, I’ll never not eat these bad boys. Yum.

Lo bak go ($4.95)
Deep fried turnip cakes. These are tough to do well as you have to get the perfect amount of crispiness while not overdosing it in oil. These lo bak go were average.

Ha cheung ($5.95)
Can’t really go wrong with ha cheung. Soft, tender rice rolls with good amounts of prawns drenched in a pool of soya sauce. It’s what I like to call a win-win.

Dried pork and Chinese donut in rice noodle soup ($5.55)
I’m not a fan at all of Chinese donuts but these were decent. More glutinous goodness if you’re into that type of thing.

Deep fried squid with spicy salt ($7.25)
The deep fried squid was awesome. These had bits of deep fried garlic. Oh man, couldn’t stop eating them.

Steamed bean curd skin roll with seaweed and tofu ($5.55)
Enoki mushroom is my favourite. These were wrapped with tofu and seaweed. Yes to some healthy dishes. Steamed goodness.

Steamed chicken feet ($4.95)
Chicken feet is just pure glutinous. We don’t normally order them but if you want some fat, tender texture, this is your dish.

E-fu mein noodles ($16.00)
These noodles weren’t impressive at all, especially for the price. Definitely stick with the dim sum menu if you’re there early. I don’t remember them having much taste, if any.

Fisherman’s Terrace Seafood Restaurant
4151 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond, BC
(604) 303-9739

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