All Happy Family Restaurant

You already know about All Happy so let’s keep this short and sweet.  Open every day of the week (typical Chinese style) and the only place, that I know of, in Edmonton that is open till 4am!  The perfect spot to go to after your late night rave/clubbing/drinking festivities.

I haven’t been to All Happy in years (probably high school was my last time) so I was pleasantly surprised when we came here for some late night eats.  The space is much bigger as they have doubled their capacity, overtaking the restaurant next door (RIP, that place was legit).  The place was bumpin’ and there was a constant flow of people coming in to grab their takeout.

Singapore style fried vermicelli ($9.99)Good but they overdid it with the curry powder.

Ha gow ($4.99)
Dim sum at 2am, how can you ever go wrong? Ha gow is a must.

Sui mai ($4.99)
Obviously you need to order sui mai if you’ve already ordered ha gow. They go hand in hand. It’s called tradition, don’t mess with it.

Pi dan jouk ($4.99)
Nothing like a good bowl of jouk when it’s cold outside. Pi dan (century old eggs) gives it a nice boost of flavour. Simple but delicious.

Lo mai gai ($4.99)
My sis is too quick. You get three sticky rices, not two as in the picture. Decent.

It must be nice having the whole late night Edmonton market to yourself.  All Happy must be absolutely killing it at night.  Technically, hot pot is open but that’s not even a real late night option. Fast service, cheap prices and good eats.  You know you waaaaaaaaaaaant it.

All Happy Family Restaurant
10011-106 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 421-8297

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