Sushi Wasabi

Whatsupb? No wait, that’s wrong. Sushi Wasabi is a small but cozy Japanese restaurant located on the south side of town. The restaurant is hidden in a tiny strip mall area (look for the Petro Canada gas station) but is definitely worth checking out. It reminded me of Vancouver as Sushi Wasabi has that cramped, intimate feel to it (to some extent). Does that mean you can skip the trip to Vancouver? Haha, let’s not go overboard with those type of expectations youngin’.

We went on a Sunday for dinner and the place was pretty busy. We didn’t have to wait (score!) but if you can’t grab a seat, there’s always the best spot in the house (sushi bar), which was empty when we arrived. Sushi Wasabi had a bunch of interesting daily specials so we decided to try out a few along with ordering a few others off their menu. The waitresses are all very friendly and the chef’s are the same, greeting you when you enter and exit.

Green tea ($3.00 for two) – the tea was hot, delicious and unlimited. My tea drinking goes through the roof when I’m at restaurants, haha.

Goshumori (5 Item Plate) ($8.00)
An appetizer dish of eggplant sautéed with chili miso, takowasa, vinegared lotus root, smoked monkfish liver and vermicelli salad. I enjoyed the eggplant and monkfish liver (very similar texture to a pâté). The vinegared lotus root looked pretty but didn’t have much taste to it. The tako was good but man, why are they so difficult to pick up? Haha. The vermicelli salad tasted like a poor man’s coleslaw unfortunately.

#6 Sushi combination ($22.00)
Beautifully plated, you get one piece each of tuna, salmon, shrimp, surf clam, octopus, yellowtail, imitation crab stick, tobiko and masago. Also included is one roll of kappa-maki (cucumber). All the nigiri was good and everything tasted fresh. The slices were slightly on the smaller side but the quality is there.

Aburi salmon maki (seared) ($6.95), negitoro ($5.75) and spicy tuna ($5.75)
We tried the aburi salmon, which was one of their daily specials along with two uramaki rolls. The negitoro (tuna and green onions) and spicy tuna were a nice contrast to each other. Each order gets you 6 pieces. Everything was delicious but my fav was the aburi salmon. Searing the salmon gave it a nice charred flavour and the addition of red onions was something completely unexpected.

My first experience at Sushi Wasabi was a great one and I am happy to have found another good sushi spot in town. South side seems to be the spot to go to when you want Asian good eats. Wasabi out.

Sushi Wasabi
5714-111 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 433-0533

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