Trang Tien

Ramen plans were foiled (don’t you just hate when places are closed on Sunday) so we decided to check out Trang Tien instead. I’ve seen this place around for ages but never dropped by until recently, on a late Sunday afternoon. Edmonton was freezing, stomachs were hungry, people were sick so what better cure is there then some phooooooooooooo?


Trang Tien is in the same strip mall area as the deceased Mirama (RIP dim sum buddy). I had no idea that Syphay (Thai resto) is located right beside them! I’ll have to try them out soon.


The place is much bigger than I anticipated with booth seats on both sides of the restaurant. Décor is bare, your typical Vietnamese minimalism, but I am a fan of the kid that served us. Seems like he’s running the show up front. Respect.

Fresh salad rolls with seafood ($8.50)
The peanut dipping sauce was tasty. I couldn’t figure out what the difference was between the seafood and  shrimp roll options, I guess ours had an extra piece of imitation crab in it. But they were good. Your typical appetizer fare.  I guess we should have tried their tapioca dumplings. Next time!

Bun bo hue with pork ($11.25)
Definitely a winner! Spicy, lemongrass broth combined with a deceivingly massive amounts of noodles and pork? How can one go wrong? If you’re a BBH fan, then you shouldn’t think twice about ordering this dish.

Special pho ($11.25) 
Apparently you can’t go wrong with ordering the special (aka. you get a variety of meats). Especially for those friends of yours that have trouble making “decisions”. Indecisiveness is a curse.

Anyways, Trang Tien is a great spot. Drive the extra two minutes outside of Chinatown to check them out. Trust me, you’ll thank me in no time.

Trang Tien
9449 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 425-4293

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