Sushi by Yuji

Handwritten menus and specials on the walls, Sushi by Yuji is small, quaint and authentic. The perfect spot to get my sushi and sashimi cravings satisfied. A buddy and I went for a late Sunday dinner and essentially had the place to ourselves. No qualms with that.

The prices are more than reasonable especially when you take into consideration the quality you’re getting.

Salmon and tuna carpaccio ($8.75)
We wanted to try both so we got half an order of each kind. So fresh, seriously, this was a good way to start my sushi eating in Van.

Assorted sashimi combo ($11.75 for 12 pieces)
Tuna, wild salmon, hamachi, ika (squid), saba (mackarel) and small scallop. You know you’re in for a treat when the salmon is wild. Again, everything was top notch (presentation, size and freshness).

Spicy negitoro ($4.75) and spicy negahamachi ($5.75)
Perfect amount of spiciness in both rolls. Yum.

2x Toro nigiri ($2.25 each)
Our friend recommended that we try this at Yuji’s so we gave it a shot. These were presented differently than normal nigiri, I’m pretty sure I like them more with rice than wrapped up in the nori. Still, toro is always good so can’t complain too much.

Chopped scallop rolls ($3.75)
My buddy always orders chopped scallops so this was no different. Fresh and simply done well.

Shiro roll ($13.00)
This is their house special roll and you get 8 reasonably big pieces. Simple again but well done, definitely would order it again.

Nice little touch at the end where they give you a packet of Pocky’s. The sushi chef’s at Yuji’s truly know what they are doing – their skillz are evident. Just like the saying goes, you get what you pay for. If you haven’t been yet, check them out! Their original location, Shima-Ya, is also supposed to be just as good. We tried to go on a separate visit but they were completely packed (not to mention insanely cramped for space).

Sushi by Yuji
2252 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC
(604) 434-0003

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